HPLC Pumps

TLS supply HPLC pumps that are capable of constant sped and/or constant pressure, with pulse dampers a range of filters and heads to suit a variety of HPLC requirements. Our pumps are manufactured by Scientific Systems Inc in the USA, who are world experts in the field of HPLC pumps. SSI HPLC pumps use a … Continued

SSI Pumps and HPLC Pumps

SSI Pumps and HPLC SSI pumps have been manufactured in Pennsylvania, USA since 1967. SSI are a world leader in liquid chromatography sciences and their HPLC pumps can be found throughout the scientific community.   Initially producing ultra-high pressure valves that could reach pressures of 100,000 PSI within the nuclear industry, SSI then expanded this technology … Continued

Laboratory Pumps – Did you know we sell them?

Total Laboratory Services Ltd are proud to be a new supplier of SSI laboratory pumps, offering the entire product range and spare parts catalogue to the UK, Europe and the world. We deal directly with the manufacturer in the USA and are a registered distributor, so you’ll only get the genuine article from us. Our … Continued

Laboratory Pumps – PEEK vs Stainless Steel

There are four options for the choice of head material for your laboratory pumps. It is important that you choose the correct option for your application. Typically the most important factor is the chemical compatibility. PEEK (polyetheretherketone) is an engineering plastic. It is hard and will be suitable for applications up to around 6000psi. It … Continued

Laboratory Pumps – What are piston pumps?

Piston laboratory pumps are positive displacement pumps. They use a reciprocating piston and check valves to give a constant flow. Typical laboratory pumps have heads as shown below. At the front of the head there are two check valves (these have the red balls). These allow the fluid to only flow in one direction (in … Continued