Laboratory Pumps – Did you know we sell them?

hplc pumpsTotal Laboratory Services Ltd are proud to be a new supplier of SSI laboratory pumps, offering the entire product range and spare parts catalogue to the UK, Europe and the world. We deal directly with the manufacturer in the USA and are a registered distributor, so you’ll only get the genuine article from us.

Our laboratory pumps come in a range of shapes and sizes, with stainless steel heads, normal and organic seals, PEEK, pulse dampers, self flushing heads and a varied range of 10mils/min through to 40mils/min. We also have a few specialised laboratory pumps that can cater up to 300mils/min if required too. Our pumps are perfect for HPLC machines and bespoke projects that require reliable flows for both short and long periods of time. We also provide spare seals and seal replacement kits upon request as well.

All of our laboratory pumps are built to very high standards, require little ongoing maintenance and have excellent shelf lives, so please feel very welcome to ask for a quotation, as we’re sure you’ll find a pump ideally suited to your requirements on our website. Please visit our laboratory pumps page to see what we can offer. If you can’t see what you’re looking for, then drop us a line and we’ll happily help in any way that we can.