soloFLEX provides equivalent containment to a hard shell isolator in a flat pack self assembly format that can be built and operating in less than an hour. soloFLEX provides high standards of respiratory and dermal protection from the agents being used.

soloFLEX is available in 2, 3 and 4 glove arrangements.

How does soloFLEX work?

Most soloFLEX systems are set up with three zones to assure containment of the materials you intend to handle.

The first zone is the Entry Airlock. This is a double zipper ante-chamber that permits clean items, containers and cleaning materials to be added. The double doors permit the inbound items to be reached from the Product Handling Chamber (PHC) using a decontaminated glove.

Material pulled into the PHC can be processed according to your operations. To exit materials from the PHC the isolator is supplied with an Continuous Liner.

The Continuous Liner permits items that may still have slight surface contamination to exit the PHC with no loss of containment and no air escape.

For Anerobic applications the soloFLEX can be supplied as a single Nitrogen or Argon inerted chamber that may be vented or simply maintained as an inflated enclosure.

soloFLEX isolators are manufactured with safety in mind from a range of anti-static flexible films that meet regulatory requirements.

All soloFLEX isolators are supplied with 3 utility sleeves to permit gas lines, data cables or power feed into the PHC.











Rapid Assembly Frame

The soloFLEX is supplied complete with an epoxy coated aluminium frame, or a polished stainless steel frame for GMP critical applications.

Isolator body
Tough Polyurethane (PU) film flexible but strong.

Viewing panels
Sleden Crystal PVC film giving maximum optical clarity.

Access Zips
Fully welded, airtight, strong and durable.

Support tabs
Supple PU, allowing isolator movement on the frame.

soloFLEX Glove sleeves
From tough 300 micron frosted anti-stat PU minimises ‘sticking’ to clothing for ease of use.

soloFLEX Frame
Choose from lightweight aluminium frame or polished stainless steel for GMP optical applications.

2Glove-SoloFLEX 3Glove









Most soloFLEX isolators operate with a simple negative pressure airflow system that provides added assurance that agents handled in the PHC cannot escape if a tear or glove split occurs.

Gas inerted soloFLEX isolators can be supplied with a complete gas aspiration package, including:
Gas inlet PALL filter
Flow regulator
Variable volume exhaust fan for pressure balance


Standard Options and Accessories

  • Set-up zipper for easy equipment loading
  • Push-Push rapid safe change glove cuffs
  • Wash nozzle and flow control valve
  • Vibration free VenturiEjector system
  • Granite base block / PVCbase tray
  • Variable speed fan system (4 versions)
  • Polished stainless steel frame
  • H14 (99.997% efficiency)HEPA filters


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