Sensitive Post-Column Derivatization at an Economical Price

The SSI Sensivate represents a new level in post-column performance, size and cost. Based on proven pump technology combined with a unique reactor design and disposable heating blocks, you can now achieve post-column derivatization with great performance at an economical price.

Modular Design

The Sensivate’s modular design means you can choose your pump system, a reactor block (heated) and a second reactor block (ambient) if necessary. Choose reactor block volumes of 0.15 mL, 0.50 mL, 1.40 mL, or order a custom reactor size (see Ordering Information below).

Common Applications

– Carbamates by OPA
– Glyphosates by OPA
– Aflatoxin by iodine
– Amino acids by OPA
– Environmental Analyses: Pesticides, Aflatoxins, Herbacides


– Fast & easy setup: One inlet connection (from column), One outlet connection (to detector)
– Modular: 1 or 2 reactors (1 heated), 1 or 2 pumps
– Proven pump technology with self-flush to improve seal life
– Pulse damper for reduced pulsation
– Reduced number of connections minimizes leaks
– All connections accessible from front panel
– Front panel displays each reagent’s flow, pressure, set, and actual temperature
– Pump flow and reactor temperature settable from front panel or RS232
– Upper/lower pressure and temperature limits, and system shutdown relay
– Modular cartridge reactor, 2 fluid connections, and one hold-down to change volume or reactor
– Disposable reactor cartridges
– Reactor designed to reduce band broadening—not just a coil
– All PEEK fluid path

Pump Specifications

Flow Rates…..0.01 – 2.50 mL/min
Pressure…..0 – 2,000 psi (138 bar) (upper pressure limited by firmware)
Flow Precision…..< 0.5% RSD
Flow Accuracy…..± 3% from set point
Materials…..All PEEK fluid path, including pump heads
Input…..RS-232 Interface for remote control and monitoring
Power…..120/230 Vac, 50/60 Hz
Physical…..11.8” H x 10.5” W x 17” D, (30 x 26.7 x 43.2 cm)
Weight…..54 lbs (14 kg)
Download Datasheet here

Pump Features:

– Automatic piston wash (significantly improves seal life)
– Stepper motor drive, with electronic fast refill via flag and sensor
– Dual check valves (inlet & outlet) – ruby ball, sapphire seat
– Prime-Purge Valve (PEEK)
– Pulse Dampener (PEEK)
– Outlet Filter (0.5 µ glass frit)
– Back Pressure Coil for proper Pulse Dampener operation (approx. 1000 psi @ 1.0 mL/min)
– Pressure Transducer (isolated in Pulse Dampener)
– Interactive front keypad with digital read-out: Flow rate set points, Pressure readout, Set upper/lower pressure limit

Reactor Specifications

Temp. Operating Range…..10° C above ambient to 150° C
Temp. Accuracy…..± 1.0° C over entire range (outlet fluid temperature vs. set point)
Temp. Repeatability…..± 0.5° C
Safety Cutoff Temp.…..160° C
Stabilizing Time…..45 minutes to 150° C for “Ready” indication
Input…..RS-232 Interface for remote control, monitoring and temperature compensation

Reactor Features

– Continuous loop, fully sealed
– Multi-directional path for effective mixing
– Interactive front keypad control with digital display for: Temperature set point, Temperature display (°C or °F), Ready light

How To Order

To configure the part number for your PCR System:
1. Choose one number from column 1.
2. Choose one number from column 2.
3. If second reactor is required, choose number from column 3.
PCR1-R015 = Single Reagent Post Column System with .015 mL heated reactor
PCR2-R050-R050 = Dual Reagent Post Column System with a 0.5 mL heated reactor and a 0.5 mL unheated (ambient) reactor
Custom Reactor Sizes Available

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