USP Prednisone Tablets Reference Standard (Catalog #1559505 Lot R001B0) no longer suitable for use.

It has been determined that all recently purchased USP Prednisone Tablets Reference Standard (Catalog #1559505, Lot R001B0) within the last 12 months is no longer suitable for its intended USP compendial use. The lot has been assigned a new valid use date of July 6, 2015.   You can view the revised Certificate for Lot R001B0 online at the USP … Continued

Second Hand Laboratory Equipment

Second hand Laboratory equipment is often a cost saving avenue that budget conscious purchasers can pursue when looking to replace, update or extend their laboratory capabilities. Buying new and used laboratory equipment from trusted, reputable suppliers, such as ourselves, eliminates the risk and uncertainty that can often surround second hand equipment purchasing. TLS has a … Continued

Dissolution Equipment Calibration

Dissolution Equipment Calibration is one of Total Laboratory Services’ primary provisions to the Pharmaceutical and Laboratory industry. We not only understand the importance of dissolution calibration, but have the personnel and skillset to carry out the calibrating on site, and at a time that suits you. Calibrating dissolution equipment can be a lengthy, often unwanted … Continued