Tablet Hardness Testers – A new innovation at Analytica 2016

ERWEKA will be unveiling their new range of tablet hardness testers at this year’s Analytica trade show in Germany next month. What is it called? What can it do? Well, you’ll just have to wait and see! The new range of tablet hardness testers will offer weight, thickness, diameter, width and hardness within a new, … Continued

Disintegration Testers – preparing for the worst.

Disintegration testers (like most other lab equipment) provide useful, important information that is used in compliance, manufacturing and R&D departments throughout pharmaceutical and research organisations. It is of course the test results themselves that contain this all-important material, but what can you do to protect and preserve both the disintegration testers and their test result’s … Continued

Tablet Hardness Testers Don’t Have To Be Testing

The great thing about our tablet hardness testers is that they are simple. Simple to use, simple to maintain and simple to store. Simplicity is essential when considering the purchase of new lab equipment, as it contributes to employee productivity, higher sample turnover and universal understanding of how to operate machinery. Take our range of … Continued