Dissolution Testers for Every Occasion

Total Laboratory Services provide a series of dissolution testers ideally suited to all laboratory requirements. Which one do you need?


dissolution testerDT 126

Never before has there been dissolution testers so adept for small budgets and low volume laboratories. A perfect entry level dissolution tester, complete with numerous included extras to enable you to perform a dissolution test straight ‘out of the box’. For just £4,728 including installation (but not VAT or documentation) this dissolution tester is the affordable option that doesn’t sacrifice quality.








dissolution testerDT 720

These are the perfect dissolution testers for busier labs where multiple test methods are being carried out. The DT 720 dissolution tester can operate in both high and low head position, and requires no height adjustment thanks to the high and low head shafts with interchangeable stirrer/baskets. This dissolution tester can also be upgraded to incorporate an online system with automatic sampling and analysis.  Staggered dissolution testing can also be performed.





dissolution testerDT 820

The dissolution tester that has it all. The DT 820 can work as a stand-alone dissolution tester or control a complete offline system from its built-in control panel. It can store up to 60 test parameters internally, operate in both high and low head mode, and automatically drop tablets into the dissolution tester vessels. It also offers interchangeable shafts and stirrers, negating the need for height adjustment. This is truly an advanced dissolution tester capable of a myriad of operations.






dissolution testerOffline

Controlled by the DT 820 above, these dissolution testers include an auto-sampling station connected to the dissolution tester, an 8 channel peristaltic pump and a fraction sample collector. This entire system can be controlled by the dissolution tester thanks to its built in control panel, removing the need for a computer and software entirely. The quintessential offline dissolution tester system.





dissolution testerOnline

The online system compromises a DT 720 dissolution tester connected to a UV/VIS spectrophotometer via a sampling station and peristaltic pump. This allows the samples to be withdrawn from the dissolution tester, passed through the spectrophotometer and then returned to the dissolution tester automatically. A fraction collector can also be incorporated turning the system into an on-/offline system as well. This system is controlled by the Disso.net software, applicable to any DT 720 or 820 dissolution tester where required.



dissolution testerRoboDis II

The King of all dissolution testers. The RoboDis II is a fully automated, self-contained dissolution tester, capable of performing entire dissolution tests on its own, without interruption. Up to 10 batches can be sampled at a time, with self-cleaning, offline and online analysis and media preparation fully incorporated into the unit. This is the next stage in dissolution tester evolution.









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