A Tablet Hardness Tester for Your Laboratory

Tablet Hardness TestersA reliable, capable tablet hardness tester is a must-have in any analytical pharma laboratory. The inevitable, constant use that a tablet hardness tester is going to endure warrants good caution as to which brand of hardness tester you should buy.

Fortunately, if you are reading this page, you have arrived at the right place, because we sell a fantastically reliable, well-designed, handmade selection of sturdy tablet hardness testers, all of which will be a long lasting feature in your lab.

Total Laboratory Services Ltd are the exclusive sales distributor for ERWEKA tablet hardness testers and other laboratory machinery in the UK. The ERWEKA brand is long associated with quality and world-class design, so you can be sure that a tablet hardness tester from us will not disappoint.

We offer several types of tablet hardness tester; each being suited to a particular workload and capacity. We have tablet hardness testers which cover the very basic needs through to the most advanced machinery in the tablet hardness tester market.

To view our entire range of tablet hardness testers, please visit the link and peruse the different units we can deliver and install at your lab, complete with IQ/OQ documentation and in full compliance with USP pharmacopeia specifications. Our skilled engineers have over 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry, specialising in the IQ, OQ, PVT, PM and repair of tablet hardness testers and other analytical lab equipment, so you’re in the safest and most reliable of hands.

Where can you find out more about a tablet hardness tester?

Please feel welcome to contact us if you wish to enquire about how we can help you look after your lab. Our website also details everything we do, so be sure to have a good click around.