Disintegration Testers – A perfect choice for a University

disintegration testersDisintegration testers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and it can sometimes be difficult to decide exactly which machine is right for you.

While it’s always good to try and strive for quality, budgetary concerns or workloads can often influence decisions that lead to the purchasing of lower quality, lower priced alternatives, and that’s bad news for any lab. It’s a well-known fact that the cheaper the disintegration testers are, the more unreliable and breakdown prone they will be.

Of course, budgets and workloads are an important, often unavoidable factor of consideration when purchasing anything, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t still have the best, especially when purchasing disintegration testers from Total Laboratory Services Ltd.

We offer a range of ERWEKA disintegration testers suited to every workplace and budget.

View our full range of disintegration testers here.

Universities and smaller labs that don’t require continuous usage of their disintegration testers are better off with a reliable unit that is of reputable quality and design, and that’s where we can help. ERWEKA disintegration testers are handmade to order, and every model is of the same excellent standard of manufacturing and reliability.

The ZT21 and ZT22 range of disintegration testers are simple to use, straightforward, economical to purchase but built to the same high standards that ERWEKA are known for. This makes them the perfect choice for a small lab or University looking for great value disintegration baths but don’t wish to sacrifice quality. Find out more about them here.

Total Laboratory Services have been supplying and servicing disintegration testers to the UK academic and pharmaceutical sector for many years. Our knowledge, attitude and reputation make us a one of the leading experts in the field, with our engineers having over 20 years’ experience and always willing to go that extra mile to meet your needs. We are always happy and eager to help you.