Disintegration Testers that opperate different baskets at the same time

disintegration testersYes, it’s possible! If you require staggered testing, or are looking to save time by testing different sized samples sat the same time, then our range of exceptionally reliable disintegration testers can help.

The ZT 720 and ZT 320 disintegration testers can support independently driven test stations, capable of handling different basket types, while running at different times. This enables greater flexibility and improved productivity in lab scenarios where multiple batches of different sized tablets require analysis.

To make things even faster, all ZT 720 disintegration testers are capable of automatically determining and recording the disintegration time of the sample, all on their own!

Disintegration testers that improve efficiency

Please visit this link to find out more about our entire range of disintegration testers. We are more than happy to provide quotations and advice free of charge and offer a comprehensive after sales service, including OQ, PVT and repairs and maintenance as well. Spare parts and accessories can also be ordered and dispatched to you upon request.

Total Laboratory Services Ltd have been specialising in the field of disintegration for over 20 years, and have experienced, well trained engineers capable to provide any support and assistance your lab should need. We can help you with the selection of your equipment, the delivery, installation, calibration and ongoing maintenance to ensure pharmacopoeia compliance is maintained.

Remember, disintegration testers determine the rate of disintegration, but not dissolution, so you might require those testers as well, which is no problem for us, because we can supply a broad range of different analytical equipment. Contact our friendly sales team and they can happily advise you without any obligation on your part.