Disintegration Testers – the next generation

disintegration testersThe next stage of evolution in the field of disintegration testers has arrived, baring the renowned ERWEKA brand name and sporting the latest innovative technologies.

Your analytical lab can now improve accuracy while simplifying the overall testing process thanks to the new ZT 720 range of disintegration testers.

The ZT 720 series boast some impressive features, including a built-in touch-screen display, capable of storing product test results, methods and basket configurations, along with calibration parameters and user login accounts.  If that wasn’t enough, the type A and type B baskets on the ZT 720 are also capable (through the innovation of magnetic technology) of automatically recording and determining the disintegration time of the sample without human participation, making these disintegration testers truly advanced. The disintegration tester comes with either one or two individually driven basket rack assemblies as well, offering flexibility and staggered testing possibilities.

Disintegration testers are a crucial part of any pharmaceutical laboratory and its imperative that you are able to utilise a machine that is both reliable and accurate, making the ZT 720 a must-have piece of equipment. Total Laboratory Services are the only ERWEKA distributor in the UK, so it is through us and us alone that you can add this excellent range of disintegration testers to your lab. To find out more about the ZT 720, please click here, or, contact us for a free quotation and advice.

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