Dissolution Accessories – Parts and Consumables

Total Laboratory Services Ltd supply everything you need with regards to dissolution accessories. We are fully ISO 9001 complaint and all of our parts can be serialized where required and are made of high quality, durable materials.

We supply dissolution accessories compatible with all the major equipment manufacturers, to labs and universities across the UK. Everything you need can be ordered through us, and if you’re not sure what it is you require, then we can find out for you, it’s no trouble, and we’re happy to help.

dissolution accessories

Our dissolution accessories include glassware, sinkers, USP apparatus, cannulas, meshes and much more to keep your dissolution testers running smoothly.

You can view our new dissolution accessories and consumables directory here.

Just find what you’re looking for and drop us a line at office@totallaboratoryservices.co.uk or 01258 861817 to place you’re order.

In almost every circumstance we can replace or replicate any component found inside all established brands of dissolution equipment. No longer do you need to worry about tracking down that elusive piece of specialist equipment, hidden away inside your dissolution tester.