Dissolution Performance Verification Testing (PVT)

dissolution performance verification testing PVTThe USP Performance Verification Test (PVT) is a very important test that is required for all laboratories wishing to release and/or do drug testing for or on behalf of the American marketplace. The PVT test is used to asses the reliability of your dissolution tester by confirming it produces accurate, consistent test results. The performance verification test (PVT) is not a mechanical or operational check of the dissolution tester itself, but its output/results accuracy and in-test reliability.

The performance verification (PVT) test is the same, standardised test for all dissolution testers and is a holistic method, using standardised reference tablets and procedures that can be compared with other laboratories and the USP expected standard from around the world.

The PVT test involves using specially authorised tablets from the USP that are run through the baths, and the results recorded and analysed, and then compared to the expected outcome set by USP. If the PVT results are within the expected range, the test is a success and the dissolution tester has passed.

The performance verification test (PVT) is the only widely-adopted and accepted indicator for the confirmation of precision of results for any make and model of dissolution tester.

The skilled service engineers at Total Laboratory Services Ltd have been performing PVT testing for dissolution testers for many years and can easily help you to keep your lab in USP compliance. Find out more about our dissolution PVT testing here.