Dissolution Testers – Services from the Quality Control experts

dissolution testersOwning dissolution testers isn’t cheap. It isn’t always easy, either. When regulation, standardisation and compliance are so intrinsic to the day-to-day workings of a QC lab, dissolution equipment need to be in tip-top condition in order to perform acceptably.

So who do you rely on to ensure compliance and reliability is assured when maintaining your dissolution testers? It’s not always feasible to do it yourself – that can often result in unwanted downtime, and worse, extra pressure on an already busy lab. The obvious answer (and the most common result) is to tender the maintenance and calibration of your dissolution units to third party engineers. But who do you chose? It’s a specialist, competitive market out there.

Well, we don’t like to think of ourselves as arrogant, but when it comes to dissolution equipment, we are the total laboratory solution (yep, that’s why and how we chose our name!). TLS are quite simply the definitive experts on dissolution testers and all things QC lab related.

OK, there may be others out there who service and sell dissolution testers too, we know that, but have they got the experience, connections, and, frankly, attitude that we have?  We think it very unlikely.

To employ the services of a skilled TLS engineer to take care of your dissolution testers is much more than arranging a visit with a stranger, who glides in and out of your lab, barely noticed and disinterested in what’s going on around them. With TLS, the moment we pick up the phone, or answer your email, before we even visit your lab, you are greeted by our friendly team who find out everything about you. How you work, what you need and what the future may hold. When our engineer finally arrives to look at the dissolution testers, they will also offer advice, help and friendly conversation about your entire QC lab requirements. We are at your total disposal. Nothing is too much trouble and whatever you need, we endeavour to provide it in a friendly, efficient and professional manner. Our constant aim is to set ourselves apart from the rest.

How can TLS help you with your dissolution testers ?

With regards to dissolution testers in general, there isn’t anything we don’t know. We have over 20 years’ experience calibrating, repairing, servicing and maintaining all makes, models and sizes of dissolution testers. We provide a first class service to some of the largest, most respected pharmaceutical, veterinary and academic institutions in the UK. Smaller organisations are also well looked after with the same care and attention – we don’t discriminate.

We not only service dissolution testers, but provide spare parts to order and frequently get our hands on excellent second-hand machinery too.  Everything that passes through our warehouse is individually checked and certified to all global USP standards.

If that wasn’t enough, we even sell dissolution testers! We are proudly the one and only, exclusive ERWEKA sales agent for the entire UK. ERWEKA dissolution baths are manufactured in Germany, and have a globally renowned reputation for being high quality, durable and brilliantly reliable. You can be assured that purchasing dissolution testers from TLS will guarantee the addition of a world class piece of equipment to your QC lab environment. Quality is top priority for us.

We would love to look after your dissolution testers, along with anything else in your QC lab that might need some attention. Anything from a PVT to a completely new system is easily manageable by our capable and responsive staff.  We can supply simple, standalone dissolution testers or complete online, offline and flow-through (USP 4) dissolution systems that really drive down processing time.

You can check out our entire range of dissolution testers here or contact us to enquire about servicing and calibration of your existing machinery.