Dissolution Testing Equipment – USP Method 4 and the DFZ 720

Dissolution Testing EquipmentThere is more than one type of tablet in the world, and more than one way for our bodies to receive them. The commonly used method is orally, which is what most dissolution testing equipment aspires to replicate. But sometimes, something a little different is required. Perhaps you need to run some suppositories through the QC Lab? Or a form of implant? Or even a slow release tablet, which requires many hours to properly dissolve? This is where USP Method 4 comes in.

USP 4 dissolution testing equipment offers an innovative method of analysing samples over long periods of time that require a slow release environment and often – high volumes of media. The flow-through system employed within the dissolution testing equipment allows media to circulate through and around the samples, at slow, constant speeds, simulating the scenarios that slow release tablets and implants require.

The dissolution testing equipment allows for the same media to be continuously circulated in a closed system, or passed through as a constant supply of fresh media within an open one. The dissolution test can last for many hours and sampling is undertaken via a fraction collector.

There are 7 test stations for the various different types of USP 4 cells, including a tablet cell, powder and granulate cell, suppository cell and implant cell to name but a few. The cells are located within the dissolution testing equipment, just above the heated water bath.

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