Dissolution Testing Equipment

When it comes to dissolution testing equipment, there are several players in the field, and all of them command respect, and while many are perfectly suitable at doing the job they do, in today’s regulated world of pharmaceutical development, ‘good enough’ really isn’t good enough any more.

Dissolution testing equipment needs to be rigorously designed, staunchly reliable and above all else – built to last. The quality control laboratory can be a demanding place, in some instances dissolution testers operate around the clock, so which dissolution tester is up to the challenge? Which brand stands apart from the crowd?

Yes, we of course think ERWEKA offers the perfect solution, and with good reason too. The extraordinary standard of quality that goes into each machine, combined with the continuously adapting state of the art innovations make ERWEKA’s dissolution testing equipment the frontrunner in any laboratory race.

That’s why we are proud to sell and represent ERWEKA exclusively in the UK for their entire dissolution testing equipment range. Why settle for ‘good enough’ when you can have the best that dissolution has to offer?

ERWEKA dissolution testing equipment is designed to be the best, consistently aiming for higher standards within product engineering and development on a recurrent basis. And of course, all the dissolution testing equipment adheres to the pharmacopoeia specifications around the world – but why stop there?

The ERWEKA dissolution testing equipment is manufactured with the end user firmly in mind. To this end, a foundation of key user values is incorporated into every piece of testing equipment produced.  Will the equipment fulfil every expectation of the end users’ requirements? Are the machines both easy and practical to use? Can they be effortlessly integrated into existing laboratory environments? These are the questions that guide the development of all of the dissolution equipment ERWEKA creates. Needles to say, the dissolution testing equipment is manufactured within a long-term basis framework; which means long-term planning, which guarantees the production of sophisticated, advanced and faultless testing equipment, confidently released in to the market time and time again.

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Our own reputation and adherence to quality and good practice always exceed the legal requisites, and so do ERWEKA’s. That‘s what defines the impressive standard that all of our dissolution baths embody, now, and in the future. Why go anywhere else? If you require dissolution testing equipment, look no further! Please visit our dissolution testers page to see the full range we can supply.

Dissolution Testing Equipment