Friability Testers – why every lab should have one

friability testersFriability testers can ascertain whether your tablets are robust enough to withstand the generic conditions inside the shelf packaging, both when stationary and in transit, from the moment they are packaged until first opened by the end-user.

Friability testers are important pieces of equipment, and every laboratory where tablets and capsules are produced should have one.  Why are friability testers so important? Because all pharma manufacturers need to know that their tablets are built to last. This knowledge provides much needed assurances that customers and end-users are getting the end product in a suitable, useable condition.

Thankfully, testing tablets and capsules for abrasion is made simple with our compact friability tester, supplied and installed by the capable engineers of Total Laboratory Services Ltd.

Our friability testers are simple and easy to use, and can operate one or two drums to USP standards, with a controllable rotating speed of anything between 20 and 100 RPM. Our TAR friability tester is designed and built by ERWEKA, the well-known manufacturer of high quality, hand-made, durable laboratory equipment. It’s a pretty good assurance that a friability tester supplied by us will be with you for many years after the initial purchase, offering excellent return on your investment.

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