Laboratory Calibration Services

Laboratory Calibration ServicesTotal Laboratory Services Ltd provide laboratory calibration services to the highest standards. Our engineers and their tools are all USP certified and conform to the regulated levels of compliance, guaranteeing our laboratory calibration services adjust your equipment to the correct settings.

Our laboratory calibration services are perfectly suited to dissolution, disintegration, hardness and other USP and QC related machinery and tools. We aim to calibrate every machine and individual piece of equipment to within the smallest variance of tolerance that we can, enabling the most accurate results time and time again.

The TLS engineers have many years’ experience performing laboratory calibration services across a broad range of sectors within the pharmaceutical, academic and life science industry. There isn’t much we don’t know about laboratory calibration and a visit from our skilled staff will have your lab equipment up to specification in no time.

Why are laboratory calibration services important ?

Laboratory calibration is a fantastic way to periodically confirm and maintain your laboratory equipment’s ability to perform their tasks to the correct standards and thus ensure the outputted results are within acceptable USP tolerances. Regular laboratory calibration services essentially state that compliance is affirmed and there is little chance of erroneous data being produced by your lab equipment.

If you require laboratory equipment calibration, then your search is over. Total Laboratory Services have the knowledge, experience and tools to certify that your lab is calibrated and operating to all set pharmacopeia standards, leaving you with the peace of mind to carry out your testing completely worry free.

Contact us to arrange your visit and find out more about our laboratory calibration services, or browse around this website to see what else we can do for you and your lab.