Laboratory Equipment Servicing – How often do you need it?

laboratory equipment servicing

A question we’re frequently asked is ” how often should I undertake laboratory equipment servicing “? And while it’s not for us to say specifically, it is something we can advise on generally, as a helpful hand, to aid you in the planning of your lab maintenance schedule.

The first thing to understand is that it is your responsibility to determine when and who conducts your laboratory equipment servicing. Outside engineers and servicemen are not authorised or capable of absolutely determining the frequency, or who should do it – that decision ultimately comes down to you, because nobody else knows your laboratory better than you do!

The aim is to try and figure out how often you think you require laboratory equipment servicing throughout the year, and to do that you need to know how busy your lab equipment is, and what working conditions they operate under. Is your equipment running all day, 24/7? Is it just 9-5? Or perhaps it’s less frequent, used only when necessary, such as a few times a day, or less?

As a guide, we often recommend that at a minimum, your should plan laboratory equipment servicing for at least once a year, regardless of how busy your machinery is. If you’re using them very intensively, then a 6 monthly servicing schedule can ultimately ensure that your laboratory equipment is kept in top condition. Some extremely busy (or compliance sensitive) labs will have a quarterly laboratory equipment servicing schedule, but this is usually only for the most intensive lab environments.

The Laboratory Equipment Servicing Experts

Once you have a good idea of how often you would like to have your equipment serviced, we can then take over, planning your service visits into our engineer’s diary, lasing with your lab manager regarding the visitation, before, during and after the maintenance is carried out. That’s what we are good at! Our engineers have over 20 years experience in the field of laboratory equipment servicing and will happily keep your equipment in optimal mechanical condition, enabling accurate analysis and results which adhere to all common compliance regulations. We can confidently service your lab equipment and perform PVT, calibration, verification and other repairs as necessary, eliminating down-time and preventing future problems from becoming real-life nightmares.

Please contact us to schedule your laboratory equipment servicing today, our friendly team is always happy to offer advice and assistance.