Laboratory Equipment Validation

Laboratory Equipment ValidationTotal Laboratory Services Ltd can carry out laboratory equipment validation for lab machinery (both old and new) across quality control and analytical workrooms within the pharmaceutical, academic and life science industry. Our skilled engineers have many years’ experience performing laboratory validation, along with calibration, repairs and maintenance, and are qualified to perform all validation tests to current USP standards.

We provide laboratory equipment validation to all laboratories that perform quality control and sample analysis where USP compliance is stipulated. We can easily validate all types of tablet hardness, dissolution and disintegration testers, as well as some other analytical devices too (but please check with us first).

Apart from adhering to compliance, laboratory equipment validation is also very important because it confirms that your pharmacopeia apparatus is producing the correct data expected from analytical tests. Our equipment validation can help confirm your tool and machinery’s output, making the likelihood of wrong data and unsuccessful tests far less probable.

Laboratory equipment validation can also reduce your machine down time because problems that require consideration are often noticed during the validation process. Thankfully, Total Laboratory Services also perform PQ, OQ, PM, servicing and repairs (and all the other acronym-associated tasks!) along with our laboratory equipment validation services. We can offer a complete end-to-end package, strengthened by our customer dedication and high standards of quality.

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To find out more about our laboratory equipment validation, please browse our website, or, contact us to see how we can help. We also supply new and used equipment too, so upgrading doesn’t have to be an unwanted hassle either! Allow us to take care of your lab.