Like our Tablet Hardness Testers, the TLS engineers are made of strong stuff!

tablet hardness testersOur tablet hardness testers are pretty tough, pretty durable, and pretty darn reliable too…just like the dedicated engineers of Total Laboratory Services Ltd.

This past week has been a busy one, and despite the mileage, weather and workload, we have travelled the length of the Country and back again, carrying out servicing, repairs and installations of lab equipment.

We don’t shy away from a challenge, and we always endeavor to see our customers as soon as possible, regardless of their location and how busy we might be.  Whether it be tablet hardness testers or any other lab equipment, we deliver, install, service, maintain and repair to order, no matter what.

On our travels this week, in the run up to the Easter break, it’s been great to see so much of the UK countryside, making the long journeys that little bit more enjoyable.

While there’s not much of the UK left for us to see at all now, there is always room for more friends for us to visit. So, if you have any tablet hardness testers, or dissolution, disintegration and other analytical lab equipment you require or that requires servicing, please give us a call – we would love to come and see you. It’s pretty clear that location isn’t a barrier for us, and our attitude to our work is second to none. You’ll be glad to know we are there for you.

You might be asking yourselves why we go to such lengths every week? And the truthful answer is because we’re happy too, and because our customers keep asking us back and telling all their friends about us. What better reason can there be than that?

Have a great Easter break everyone. Perhaps we’ll run a few eggs through our tablet hardness testers for a giggle!