The Lesser-known Lab Equipment

It’s no secret that dissolution, disintegration and hardness testers are staples of the analytical world in the pharmaceutical industry. If you’re reading this, you probably already have one (or all) of the above machines in your own laboratory already.

But do you know just how many different varieties of analytical lab equipment there is out there?

We thought we’d let you know about some of the more specialist, individual and sometimes forgotten testers that we can supply. All of them suited to a specific need or requirement that would be a really worthwhile addition to your lab’s capabilities.

dissolution testersERWEKA RRT 10 dissolution testers are the perfect solution for multiple media change. They comply with USP method 3 and optional 7.

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disintegration testersThe ST 35 suppository disintegration tester comes with 3 turning test stations (suppository holders) each located inside a 4 litre glass.

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vdt-startbildThe VDT/S is a vacuum leak tester for blisters and other packaging forms. Air is sucked into the container and methylene blue water is sucked into imperfectly sealed packaging.

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