The new range of tablet hardness testers from ERWEKA

tablet hardness testersThe new EasyCheck range of tablet hardness testers was officially unveiled at Analaytica in Germany last month, providing the pharmaceutical industry with a superb new consideration when purchasing a combination tester.

The EasyCheck has all of the staple elements you would come to expect from ERWEKA tablet hardness testers, but with some innovative built in functions and interfaces that enhance compliancy and extend end user capabilities.

The EasyCheck can test up to 5 parameters: weight, thickness, diameter/width, length and hardness, and is fully compliant with all popular pharmacopeias in the industry.

The built-in, touch-screen computer can store up to 100 products/methods and boasts a test memory of up to 1 million results. Data exporting, user login, audit trails and printing are also standard features.

This unit also has an integrated load cell that automatically weighs samples, along with a new slider that automatically aligns oblongs into the correct position.

This new range of tablet hardness testers are the perfect entry-level devices for simple, capable, reliable hardness and combination testing. Of course, like all ERWEKA equipment, this tablet tester is handmade, of excellent quality and will last for a lifetime.

To find out more about its future availability, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Tablet Hardness Testers For Everyone

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