New Software for Standalone ERWEKA Dissolution Testers

dissolution testersTotal Laboratory Services Ltd are happy to announce that ERWEKA now offer thier CFR compliant dissolution Software Disso.Net for stand-alone ERWEKA dissolution testers and/or standalone Offline Systems. This is a great opportunity to upgrade existing baths and control them with othe  latest Disso.NET.

This now means that customers with ERWEKA DT 72x, 82x, 14x and 16x standalone baths can upgrade to be fully CFR Part II compliant ( including an Audit trail).

Why use Disso.NET?:

  1. Disso.NET provides a fully CFR21 part 11 compliant Audit Trail.
  2. Nothing related to any dissolution tests performed can be deleted, increasing data integrity.
  3. Disso.NET Offers comprehensive user management.
  4. If they start using Disso.NET on a standalone or offline system today, the system is fully upgradeable in the future all the way up to UV or HPLC online connection.
  5. Unlimited method management.
  6. Easy method transfer between ERWEKA dissolution testers and systems.
  7. A vital step towards digitalisation and automation of lab processes.

Download the Disso.Net standalone upgrade information sheet here.