New vessel cleaners for dissolution testers

dissolution testersERWEKA have launched a new product for 2017, aimed at making the cleaning of vessels used with dissolution testers a hassle free job. Thanks to new patented steam cleaning technology from Gloss (that is built inside the DVC-24) the machine allows quick and easy dissolution tester vessel cleaning in a very innovative way.

Because the vessels remain inside the dissolution testers, risks of accidents such as glass breakage and/or contamination due to spilling are completely negated. With a short start-up time of less than seven minutes and vessel cleaning within 20 seconds, the DVC-24 greatly speeds up the remachining process of dissolution testers.

Thanks to its light-weight and mobile design, the DVC-24 can be used in every laboratory and with all dissolution testers, regardless of the equipment manufacturer or age.

To guarantee reliable cleaning results, it is you can also qualify the cleaning method, complete with reference tablets and qualification documents. To find out more, please click here.