Disso.NET – Overview

The ERWEKA Disso.NET 4 is the perfect 21 CFR Part 11 compliant companion to all our dissolution testers and systems, ranging from standalone baths to Offline or Online  and from On-/Offline Systems up to the fully automated RoboDis II system.

The software helps you with standard dissolution jobs, easily handles qualification tasks and provides control over each single function and connected devices (e.g. dissolution tester with UV-Vis spectrophotometer). After finishing those tests, Disso.NET creates extensive reports with corporate logos for PDF-file export or exports your results in XLS or XML.

Our extensive Audit Trail according to latest 21 CFR part 11 thoroughly documents all changes done to the system (what, who, when and why) and can be easily searched and filtered by the Audit Trail Viewer.

Download the Disso.Net spec sheet here.

Full Control

Disso.NET 4 allows control over all our Dissolution Systems. Simpler Dissolution Online Systems, complex Dissolution On-/Offline with HPLC Systems and the complex RoboDis II can all be controlled by Disso.NET 4 and reduce the device and system complexity to a few intuitive screens with a logic top to bottom approach.

dissolution testers

Audit Trail According to 21 CFR Part 11.

Disso.NET 4 features a comprehensive audit trail, tracking all changes throughout the system (what, who, when and why). Whenever an authorised user makes changes to any data on the system that needs to be tracked, an audit trail prompt appears and forces the user to enter a reason for this change. Whenever data is created from scratch (e.g. a new method), the system automatically evaluates this audit entry and automatically adds a reason (e.g. “created”).

All audit data can be comfortably searched and filtered using our new Audi Trail Viewer – allowing easy tracking of any change to the system with a consecutive audit number. This new feature complies to 100% to latest regulatory rules.

Disso.NET Editor

All main features of the Disso.NET 4 are located in separate windows, enabling a clear focus on the task at hand. These editors can be used to change media, edit filters and create new measurement, evaluation and medium preparation methods.

Even for UV calculations, Disso.NET offers a unique interface specifically focused on its main task.