DT 126/128 Dissolution Testers

The new range of ERWEKA light dissolution testers delivers the proven ERWEKA quality in a comprehensive economic package for a budget for simple dissolution testing with USP method 2 (paddle).

The DT 126 light is equipped with 6 test stations and a fixed drive head (high-head), allowing easy access to each of the 1000 ml vessels for manual sampling. The DT 128 light is delivered with 8 test stations accordingly. The delivered package includes furthermore centering rings with shafts, low evaporation covers, paddles and shafts as well as a distance ball for right height adjustment of the paddles. All managed in a light and compact design.

The unique water bath of moulded PET is equipped with the time-proven ERWEKA water outlet for easy cleaning. The external flow through heater reduces the influence of external vibrations and ensures a constant temperature.

All these features make sure that the ERWEKA DT 126 and 128 light dissolution testers are the perfect entry-level devices for the world of dissolution testing.

Download the Product here: Specsheet-DT-126-light-EN_v2.pdf

DT 126/128 Dissolution Testers

  • 100% USP/EP/JP compliant
  • High-head mode for easy access to the vessels and  manual sampling
  • Shafts with paddles for USP Method 2 Paddles
  • Easy cleaning of the water bath and the set-up area
  • External flow through heater reduces influence of external vibrations and ensures constant temperature
  • Simple control using symbol keypad with LED display for temperature, RPM and runtime

Dissolution Testers

Dissolution Tester Specifications

  • Technical details:
    • Dissolution testers for USP method 2 (Paddle) with 6 test stations
    • Fixed drive head (High-Head) with easy access to vessels
    • 100% USP/EP/JP compliant
    • Rotation speed 20 – 220 rpm
    • Function keypad with individual UP/DOWN keys for each test parameter
    • Fulfills all specifications in accordance with FDA “Mechanical Calibration”
    • Evaporation less than 1% during 24 h (37 °C / 50 rpm / 1000 ml)
    • USB-A printer interface (for selected printers) USB-B interface for PC connection
    • Product memory for storage of up to 60 monographs
    • External high power heater; heating range: 20-50°C, even distribution of temperature
    • External PT 100 temperature sensor
    • One piece PET moulded waterbath for up to 6 (DT 126 light) or 8 (DT 128 light) vessel
    • Dimensions (DT 126): 510 (width) / 450 mm (depth) / 660 mm (height) / 34 kg (weight)
    • Dimensions (DT 128): 642 (width) / 482 mm (depth) / 680 mm (height) / 38 kg (weight)