DT 9510 Dissolution Testers

The ERWEKA DT 9510 range of dissolution testers are the bigger sibling of the digital DT 950 series.

Controlled by the same embedded PC, every component of the DT 9510 is focused on reliable, high volume digital dissolution testing: The test stations (up to 14) are driven by a single, powerful motor and the big water bath holds the temperature stable due to the thermal inertia of water. This ensures that parallel testing of two batches of samples can be done at precisely the same conditions, making comparison between the two as reliable as possible and 100% USP/EP compliant.

With the new optional AirLift system, the dissolution head of the DT 9510 can be simply raised and lowered by the press of two buttons. Furthermore, DT 9510 dissolution testers have the same features as it‘s smaller sibling, with digital dissolution testing is done with the help of the latest version of the testing assistant – TestAssist and optional automatic tablet drop.

Download the DT 9510 Spec Sheet here.

The DT 9510 can be upgraded even after the initial purchase – from 12 to 14 test stations, with an automatic tablet drop or an automatic sampling station. The high degree of modularity means that, for example, a 12-station stand-alone DT 9512 can be transformed into the heart of a complete dissolution HPLC On-/Offline system with 14 test stations and Disso.NET 4 software within a very short time. This means that the DT 9510 remains flexible throughout its entire instrument cycle.

Technical Details

  • Dissolution testers for USP methods 1 (basket), 2 (paddle), 5 (paddle- over- disk) and 6 (rotating cylinder) with 14 test stations
  • Fully CFR Part II software is also available for this bath upon request (click here for more).
  • OQ traffic light system displays the qualification status of the unit
  • Automatic vessel centering
  • Standard tablet drop magazine for 14 samples
  • Evaporation less than 1 % during 24 h (37° C, 50 rpm, 1000 ml)
  • Manual lifter with gas-strut support
  • One-piece moulded PET water bath with outlet valve
  • External PT 100 temperature sensor for reviewing the water bath and media temperature
  • Heating range: 30-50° C (+/- 0.2° C), cooling optional
  • Wobble less than 0.2 mm at delivery (paddles)
  • Automatic self-check of the water bath/vessel temperature before test run
  • Large 7“ touch display, the gateway to our embedded technology.
  • USB printer interface for documentation of the test run parameters and results (time, date, rpm, temperatures etc.

dissolution testers

DT 9510 series options

    • Automated tablet drop magazine with control of temperature tolerance (USP) before drop
    • Illumination (white LEDs) of the water bath for better visibility of the samples
    • External cooling device with autonomous operation
    • Upgrade to work as an offline dissolution system with Disso.NET or Online system with UV/Vis Spectrophotometer.
    • Video monitoring/recording with Disso.NET
    • Paddles, baskets, discs for paddle-over-disc, rotating cylinder, enhancer cell, intrinsic dissolution, felodipine baskets, suppository baskets, extraction cell
    • Dissolution qualification tool kit
    • IQ/OQ/PV documents
    • IQ/OQ/PV service
    • Maintenance service