The entry-level GTL enables the measurement of the flow time of a predefined amount of granulate or powder (according to EP) as well as the measurement of the flow time of a given sample volume. Thanks to the simple numerical membrane keypad, operation is extremely easy. Test results can be shown on the LC display and printed out with a connected printer.

In the standard version, the GTL is supplied with a stainless steel funnel (480 ml) and three stainless steel outlet nozzles (10/15/25 mm), which can be replaced by a quick coupling. Additional stainless steel funnels (100/200 ml) and outlet nozzles (6 / 8 / 11.3 mm) are optionally available.

  • Flowability measurement by weight. (EP method)
  • Flowability measurement by volume.

Download the GTL Spec Sheet here.