MultiCheck 6 – Automated Tablet Hardness Testers

MultiCheck 6 tablet hardness testers offer ease of operation, maximum efficiency and enhanced operator convenience. This fully automatic combination tablet hardness tester is packed with innovative technology: An intuitive touch-screen display, the integrated functionality of the software, the capsule weight measurement system and the patented Oblong Navigator® are only some of the inspiring new features. In addition, the all MultiCheck 6 tablet hardness testers provide an unsurpassed low noise level and cleanest operation in its class. Proven features have been retained: The MultiCheck 6 can test up to five tablet parameters – fully automated and 100% compliant with all pharmacopoeias around the world: A true all-rounder.

Download the MultiCheck Spec Sheet here.

Tablet Hardness Testers with Convenient Operation

A Broad Feature Set

The new MultiCheck 6 Touch-screen Display

During the development of the MultiCheck 6 tablet hardness testers, we focused on the features which users will find most useful: Easy and fast creation of methods, launching of tests and documentation of test results. The intuitive touch display enables easy operation of offered functions. Thanks to the integrated software functions, measurements can be launched and results displayed directly on the unit. The MultiCheck 6 tablet hardness tester can store up to 100 products / methods and 1 million test results, which can be displayed and exported at any time, ensuring that no test results are lost. Comprehensive integrated calibration functions guarantee accurate results and document each calibration process: Maximum convenience combined with an extensive feature set.

tablet hardness testers

Touch-screen Display Benefits

  • Clearly structured home screen with direct access to measurements
  • Direct display of test results on the screen
  • Quick execution of measurements with direct measurement menu
  • Detailed documentation of tests and display of calibrations due and calibrations performed
  • Extensive tablet hardness tester calibration and adjustment capabilities
  • Red-yellow-green display for immediate recognition of the need for calibration
  • Easy integration of MultiCheck 6 into an existing network via Ethernet connection (RJ45)
  • Memory for up to 100 products / methods and 1 million test results
  • 7 inch touch-screen display
  • USB A printer interface
tablet hardness testers

MultiCheck 6 Tablet Hardness Testers – Overview

  • Fully automatic testing of tablets for up to 5 parameters
  • 100% USP/EP/JP compliant
  • Constant Force and Constant Speed method selectable
  • Measurement in Newton, Strong Cobb, Kilopond and lbf units
  • Values adjustable in mm, inch, mg or g

MultiCheck 6 Tablet Hardness Testers – Specifications:

  • Touch-screen display
  • Integrated data memory for re-calling the data of previously tested samples
  • Separation drum, with photocell for verification of tablet separation
  • Fixed or adjustable alignment threshold
  • Integrated capsule weight measurement
  • Oblong Navigator® – patented turntable technology for perfect alignment of oblongs
  • Linear transport of the tablet to the individual test stations enables the permanent visual inspection of the testing procedure
  • Automatic cleaning of transport path and test jaws
  • Ethernet port for integration into existing networks
  • LAN, USB A, USB B and SD-Card slot
  • Memory for up to 100 products / methods
  • Data transfer by LAN in CSV fileformat
  • Backup using USB & SD-Card
  • Optional Software: audit trail feature

MultiCheck 6 Tablet Hardness Tester Options

  • 12-chamber magazine for testing of large batches
  • Extended hardness measurement range of up to 1000 N
  • software
  • PC with software
  • Printer
  • AutoCal 2.0 system for automatic calibration of tablet hardness testers without weights
  • Dragée holder (Standard and All-rounder versions only)
  • Sartorious OCE weighing system, suitable for trade weighing certification)
  • Customized data export