The suppository disintegration tester ST 35 comes with each test station located inside a 4 litre glass vessel with optional magnetic stirrer (which is placed inside a thermostatically heated water bath), which is non-leaking and double secured.

The disintegration tester stations are automatically turned 180° in adjustable intervals.The ST 35 features an integrated “high-power” flow-through heating system (accuracy ± 0.2°C) and internal temperature sensor for temperature display. Test time and nominal bath temperature is entered via the membrane keys. Current test time as well as actual water temperature are shown on clearly visible red LEDs.On request, an alarm may be selected to sound upon completion of the pre-set test time.

Due to the width of this disintegration tester, the test stations are separable to ease the cleaning process. Optional iindividually controllable magnetic stirrers can be placed in each test station (glass beaker) to get the required hydrodynamics.

Disintegration Tester Options

  • Set of 3 magnetic stirrers, controlled by the membrane keys of the unit
  • USB interface for print-out
  • Water stabiliser with colour indicator – 1 bottle for 2 fillings.