TBH 325 Tablet Hardness Tester Overview

TBH 325 tablet hardness testers are the ERWEKA manual hardness tester with integrated product memory for up to 50 products. Its robust design can be easily used in production environments. Via the numeric membrane keypad with alpha-numeric sub-function the nominal tablet hardness in combination with three individual plus/minus tolerances and remarks may be stored for up to 50 different products and recalled for testing. Alpha-numeric information such as product name and remarks can be entered by using the alpha-numeric subfunction. In addition all TBH 325 tablet hardness testers allow you to enter batch (lot) number in numeric or even alpha-numeric just before the test-run has started. This entered information will be documented on the print-out or together with the results stored at the computer. Since the samples are inserted into the tablet hardness tester manually all kinds and shapes of samples can be tested. Broken samples may be removed from the test station into an acrylic glass disposal container. TBH 325 tablet hardness testers can measure the hardness of samples in a range of 3 – 500 Newton with either “Constant Speed” or “Constant Force” mode. The sensitivity (3 – 40 N) as well as the test-speed (0.05 – 3.00 mm/sec. or 10 – 200 N/sec.) can be adjusted. Results are displayed and printed in either Newton (N), Kilopond (KP) or Strong Cobb (SC).

Download the TBH 325 Spec Sheet here.

Easy Calibration

Calibration of this tablet hardness tester is completely menu guided and may be performed by either weight stones or the electronic ERWEKA AutoCal 2.0. If performing by weight stones the TBH 325 offers a two-point adjustment of which one point is fixed (0 kg) and the second one may be selected free of the unit’s measurement range. To assure accurate results of the complete measurement range ERWEKA recommends setting the second calibration point in the middle of the unit’s measurement range, i.e. at 30 kg. On completion of adjustment the accuracy/linearity of the measurement range may be calibrated and documented by up to 3 points within the measurement range.

Get connected

Via a SD memory card or USB memory stick the product data can be either secured or easily transferred to any other TBH 325/425. ERWEKA MC.net software controls the TBH from a PC. The USB printer interface can be connected to receive a hard-copy documentation of unit serial number, date/time of calibration, date/time of test-run as well as individual results and statistics. Alternatively the tablet hardness tester can be integrated in to a computer network via the Ethernet LAN. The Ethernet LAN interface allows connecting a computer with the optional ERWEKA MC.net software. In combination with this option all TBH 325 tablet hardness testers are 100% 21 CFR 11 compliant and can be controlled via a PC. TBH 325 tablet hardness testers are available for measurement of:

  • Tablet hardness – TBH 325,
  • Tablet hardness and diameter TBH 325 D
  • Tablet hardness/diameter/thickness TBH 325 TD
  • Tablet hardness/diameter/thickness/weight TBH 325 WTD

TBH 325 Tablet Hardness Testers Specifications

  • Up to 100 samples per test
  • Electronic load-cell
  • Tests samples up to 28 mm or 70 mm diameter
  • Measuring range 3 – 500 N; optional 3 – 1000 N, Accuracy ± 1N
  • Adjustable break between the samples
  • Two measuring principles available as standard
  • “Turbo” hardness test jaw
  • Integrated programme menu for calibration of the unit with documentation print out
  • LAN/USB interface for external control and storage of results by the optional MC.net software
  • USB interface for USB memory stick
  • SD – card slot
  • USB printer interface for documentation of time, date, results and statistics

TBH 325 Tablet Hardness Tester Options

  • Sartorius  balance (calibratable) incl. windshield and integrated calibration weight for connection with TBH 325 WTD
  • Mettler balance incl. windshield for connection with TBH 325 WTD
  • Extended Measuring Range 3 – 1.000 N; accuracy ± 1 N
  • Set of test jaws for testing sugar coatings
  • Set of test jaws for testing oblong shaped samples
  • MC.net software for external control via PC
  • AutoCal System 2.0, automated calibration tool for calibration of the hardness test station without weights.