TH 425 Tablet Hardness Testers – Overview

TBH 425 tablet hardness testers and combination testers are designed for automatic measurement of up to 10 samples. The samples are inserted in a star-shaped feeder which automatically transports the samples to the test station. Depending on model, automatic measurement can be taken for tablet hardness and optional thickness, diameter or length (oblongs) of round and odd shaped samples. An alignment routine for oblong shaped samples as well as a support-groove for all TBH 425 tablet hardness testers is optionally available to help align odd shaped samples while breaking. Via the numeric membrane keypad with alpha-numeric sub function, the nominal hardness in combination with 3 individual plus/minus tolerances (T3 = pass/fail criteria) and remarks may be stored for up to 50 different products and recalled for testing. Information such as product name and notes can be entered easily. Stored product data can be transmitted via SD card or USB stick to other devices of the TBH 325/425 family. Calibration is menu guided and may be performed with either weight stones or the electronic ERWEKA AutoCal 2.0 System. Via a USB printer interface a printer can be connected to print out documentation from the tablet hardness tester. The serial LAN/USB interface allows to connect a computer with the optional software for external control. In combination with this, the TBH 425 series is 100% 21 CFR 11 compliant.

Download the TBH 425 Spec Sheet here.

TBH 425 Tablet Hardness Testers – Versions

  • Tablet Hardness – TBH 425
  • Tablet Hardness and diameter – TBH 425 D
  • Tablet Hardness/diameter/thickness – TBH 425 TD
  • Tablet Hardness/diameter/ thickness/weight – TBH 425 WTD

ERWEKA TBH 425 D tablet hardness testers are based on the TBH 425 but in addition it offers measurement and documentation of the sample’s diameter/length. This function allows to document that the sample is placed in the correct alignment for the hardness testing process. The semi-automated TBH 425 TD in addition to the standard TBH 425 offers automatic measurement of sample’s diameter/length and thickness by a motor driven and calibratable electronic linear potentiometer. These tablet hardness testers can either fulfil a three parameter hard-copy print-out by a connected printer (optional) or transfers the data to a PC with the optional software. The ERWEKA TBH 425 WTD is based on the TBH 425 TD. In addition an external Sartorius or Mettler analytical balance with wind shield (20.0 mg to 64 g; accuracy ± 0.1 mg; Sartorius balance with in-built calibration weight) for connection with the unit. Before testing the other parameters, the sample is placed manually onto the balance, the weight is determined and transferred to the units’ electronics.

TBH 425 Tablet Hardness Testers – Specifications

  • 10 chamber star feeder with brushes to clean the transport route
  • Routine for alignment of oblong shaped samples
  • Tests samples up to 28 mm diameter
  • Measuring range 3 – 500 N
  • Accuracy ± 1N
  • Values in N, Kp or Sc
  • “Turbo” hardness test jaw, 3 times faster than previous version
  • Numeric keypad with alpha-numeric sub-function for entry of test parameters, product name, batch number and remarks
  • Integrated menu for calibration and adjustment with documentation print out
  • LAN/USB interface for external control and storage of results by the optional software
  • USB interface for USB memory stick standard
  • SD – card slot
  • USB printer interface for documentation of time, date, results and statistics

TBH 425 Tablet Hardness Testers – Options

  • Extended hardness measuring range 3 – 1.000 Newton; accuracy ± 1 N
  • Diameter /length measurement
  • Thickness measurement using an electronic linear potentiometer
  • Weight measurement:
    • Sartorius  balance incl. windshield and integrated calibration weight for connection with TBH 425 WTD
    • Mettler balance incl. windshield for connection with TBH 425 WTD
  • Support groove for better guiding oblong shaped samples
  • software to operate TBH from PC
  • AutoCal 2.0 System, automated calibration tool for calibration of the hardness test station without weights. A calibrated load cell with certificate is positioned into the hardness test station and connected by an intelligent interface box to the USB of the TBH. The unit will automatically adjust, calibration can be checked by linearity checking of up to 3 points within the measuring range and documented by a connected printer.
  • Special versions (i.e. for fertilizers, large tablets for veterinary purpose etc.) on request
  • Qualification documents IQ/OQ/PV
  • ERWEKA IQ/OQ/PV service on customer site
  • Maintenance service