ZT 220 Disintegration Testers

The ZT 220 disintegration testers are available with 2 or 4 simultaneously driven USP/Pharm.Eur./JP compliant basket rack assemblies. The units come with a quality integrated flow-through heating system, moulded one-piece PET water bath (can’t leak, can’t break, easy to clean) and water bath cover as standard.

Control of the disintegration testers is easy thanks to a membrane keypad with symbol keys. The test-run parameters, such as run-time and temperature, are set and the actual values (runtime, water bath temperature) shown on the big and bright LED displays. On the ZT 220 series the run-time counter is automatically started when the Basket Rack Assembly is lifted into the test media.

Lifting in and out of the disintegration tester baskets is performed manually while the counting of the elapsed test duration is automatically started/stopped. On request, an alarm may be selected to sound upon completion of the preset test time. Heating of the warming solution in the moulded 1-piece PET water bath is performed by an integrated flow-through heating system.

Download the ZT 220 Spec Sheet here.

Disintegration Tester Specifications

  • Technical details:
    • 2 or 4 test racks
    • 30 ± 1 strokes/min.
    • 55 ± 2 mm stroke height
    • Integrated flow-through heating system (accuracy ± 0.2°C)
    • Temperature range 30-50°C
    • Function keys and 2x LE display for entering nominal bath temperature and required run-time
    • Disintegration tester starts/stops to count run-time automatically when basket rack is lowered
    • Manual lift-in and -out of the Baskets

Options for ZT 220 disintegration testers

  • Media pre-heat and disintegration rack storage container located in the water-bath (ZT 223 only)
  • Quick-Clean-Basket (100% USP/EP/JP compliant) for fast cleaning of the test stations.
  • No tools required for disassembly and assembly of the disintegration tester basket
  • Acoustic alarm on the completion of the pre-set run-time
  • Water Stabiliser with colour indicator, 1 bottle for 2 fillings
  • Immersion thermometer in certified version with certificate
  • Basket with 3 test-stations with an inner diameter of 30 mm; acc. Pharm.Eur., Type “B”
  • Spare part kit for ERWEKA ZT 220 Series
  • Set of spare USP glass tubes (3) and sieve (1) for standard disintegration rack assembly
  • Set of spare USP glass tubes (3) and sieve (3) for “Quick-Clean” rack

Special Versions

Disintegration Testers for testing the disintegration-time of detergents. 70 ± 1 strokes/min. Delivery without disintegration baskets.