ZT 720 Disintegration Testers – Overview

The ERWEKA ZT 720 disintegration testers are able to automatically determine the disintegration time of each sample by use of a unique system of magnets and sensors. They also test whether or not a sample completely disintegrates. ZT 720 disintegration testers are available with 1 (ZT 721) or 2 (ZT 722) individually driven test stations, equipped with an integrated flow through heater. Its temperature sensor allows constant control of the water bath temperature. This disintegration tester is controlled through an innovative 7” touch screen and is capable of storing and retrieving up to 100 products/methods with results and parameters. Select the basket type for your individual need: Basket type A comes with 6 test tubes for standard tablets, basket type B contains 3 test tubes for bigger tablets according to USP/EP standards. Cleaning these disintegration testers is effortless, due to the removable acrylic water bath equipped with an outlet. A USB and LAN interface ensures easy data export.

Download the ZT 720 Spec Sheet here.

ZT 720 Highlights

  • Automated determination of the disintegration time of each sample by built-in sensors within the new Auto-Basket
  • Automated lift-in and lift–out of the basket rack at start/completion of the pre-set run-time
  • 7” integrated touchscreen display for convenient and easy operation
  • Lift drive with stepper motor for direct speed control
  • User friendly validation function through the lifter
  • Quiet and gentle lifter movement
  • 100% USP/EP conform
  • Access is password protected

Touch-screen display

During the development of the ZT 720 disintegration testers, ERWEKA focused on the features which users find most important: Easy and fast creation of methods, quick launching of tests and documentation of test results. The intuitive touch-screen display enables easy operation of all these functions. The ZT 720 range of disintegration testers are equipped with 4GB memory to store up to 100 products/methods and about 1 million test results, which can be displayed and exported at any time, ensuring that no test results are lost. Comprehensive integrated calibration functions guarantee accurate results and document each calibration process: Maximum convenience combined with an extensive feature set.

disintegration testers

Touch-Screen Highlights

  • Intuitive navigation due to user-friendly menu structure
  • 4GB memory for methods and test results
  • Data export option: USB or LAN interface exports data in XML or CSV format
  • Interconnect your systems: Load data from one system to another via USB/SD interface
  • Automatic store function of test results after each test inside the disintegration tester memory
  • Back-up function through USB/SD-Card
  • Customizable IQ/OQ/PV validation interval periods

Technical Details

  • 1 (ZT 721) or 2 (ZT 722) test stations
  • 7″ touch display
  • 4 GB memory for 100 products/methods and approx. 1 million test results
  • 30 ± 1 strokes/min.
  • 55 ± 2 mm stroke height
  • AutoBasket type A (6 test tubes) or AutoBasket type B (3 test tubes)
  • Integrated flow-through heating system (accuracy ± 0.2°C)
  • External PT 100 temperature sensor


  • AutoBasket type A (6 test tubes) & Type B (3 test tubes)
  • Additional vessel for pre-heating (ZT 721 only)
  • Disc remover for removal of type A discs from the basket
  • Mesh 40 sieves for AutoBasket type A & B
  • Printer
  • IQ/OQ/PV documents
  • IQ/OQ/PV validation service