dissolution testersService Contracts

Taking out a service contract for your dissolution testers and other solid-dosage testing lab equipment with TLS is easy, reassuring, and often excellent value for money. We build a bespoke package to suit your needs, based on your requirements, and carry out all the necessary servicing and repairs at a scheduled time that works for you.

Our services contracts can be annually, 6 monthly or whatever time frame you may require and can cover all ERWEKA equipment, and many other make or model of dissolution, disintegration and tablet hardness tester. You can book a single or multiple years in advance in a combined package as well.

We thoroughly recommend taking out a service contract with TLS as this can prepare and schedule your IQ, OQ, PVT, PM and other servicing needs well in advance and leaves you with the peace of mind that the year (s) ahead are sorted. We then arrive as agreed, carry out all the work required and leave – what could be simpler?

To discuss a service contract for your dissolution testers and other tablet testing equipment, please contact us and we’ll happily provide you with a quotation based on your needs.