Tablet Hardness Testers Don’t Have To Be Testing

tablet hardness testersThe great thing about our tablet hardness testers is that they are simple. Simple to use, simple to maintain and simple to store. Simplicity is essential when considering the purchase of new lab equipment, as it contributes to employee productivity, higher sample turnover and universal understanding of how to operate machinery.

Take our range of TBH 125 tablet hardness testers for example. These tablet hardness testers are so simple to use and understand, that it’s all but impossible to not be easily able to use them from the moment you open the box.

The THB 125 has been built and designed to reliably perform its primary task over and over again, with little room left for unnecessary features and capabilities. Indeed, these tablet hardness testers are the perfect addition to any lab as they require only the most basic of training and calibration.

What can the TBH 125 tablet hardness testers do?

The entry model performs a hardness test, simple as that! But you can have thickness and diameter as well, if you’re wanting more. You simply place your sample on the plate and press a button, it really is that unpretentious.

What’s more, all ERWEKA hard tablet hardness testers are built to only the highest quality standards and have exceptional durability, lasting for many, many years after your initial purchase.

If this has been enough to entice you to want to find out a little more about our range of tablet hardness testers, then please follow the link and have a look. We are happy to provide quotations and advice with no obligation and our capable engineers can also install, calibrate, service and maintain your equipment as well. There is very little we don’t know about hardness testers and we relish the chance to help you in choosing yours.