Disintegration Testers – preparing for the worst.

Disintegration testers (like most other lab equipment) provide useful, important information that is used in compliance, manufacturing and R&D departments throughout pharmaceutical and research organisations. It is of course the test results themselves that contain this all-important material, but what can you do to protect and preserve both the disintegration testers and their test result’s … Continued

See our disintegration testers at Lab Innovations 2016

We’re delighted to announce that we will be attending Lab Innovations 2016 in Birmingham with our wonderful selection of ZT disintegration testers and a great collection of other analytical lab products too. We will have dissolution, hardness and much more on display along with the disintegration testers, so please pop along and see us. We … Continued

Disintegration Testers and Oral Release Samples

Disintegration testers are an effective analytical solution for the testing of fast release, oral tablets which require short assessment times. There are times when tablets are required to dissolve quickly in the mouth, and on occasion release their API before reaching the human stomach tract. This can present a few challenges when attempting to perform … Continued

Disintegration Testers – The Anatomy

Have you ever wondered what components comprise our wonderful range of disintegration testers? Or what a disintegration tester actually is? Let us give you a little explanation, and you’ll be well on your way to making a decision as to whether your laboratory requires one. The primary purpose of disintegration testers is to measure the … Continued

Disintegration Testers – Another Happy Customer

Not too long ago, the skilled and capable engineers from Total Laboratory Services Ltd installed two new ZT 720 Disintegration Testers at a leading pharmaceutical site in the UK. Aside from hand delivering the disintegration testers to the front door, they also installed them on the work bench, checked them over and performed the Operational … Continued

Disintegration Testers – the next generation

The next stage of evolution in the field of disintegration testers has arrived, baring the renowned ERWEKA brand name and sporting the latest innovative technologies. Your analytical lab can now improve accuracy while simplifying the overall testing process thanks to the new ZT 720 range of disintegration testers. The ZT 720 series boast some impressive … Continued

Disintegration Testers

Not to be confused with its twin brother dissolution, disintegration testers are another essential piece of equipment for any pharmaceutical laboratory performing analysis and quality control. Disintegration testers do exactly what they say on the tin – enable the recording of the disintegration time of a sample (tablet) using several easy to understand methods, commonly … Continued