Dissolution Testers – Services from the Quality Control experts

Owning dissolution testers isn’t cheap. It isn’t always easy, either. When regulation, standardisation and compliance are so intrinsic to the day-to-day workings of a QC lab, dissolution equipment need to be in tip-top condition in order to perform acceptably. So who do you rely on to ensure compliance and reliability is assured when maintaining your dissolution … Continued

Dissolution Testers –The Spare Parts Solution

Here at Total Laboratory Services we not only provide superb dissolution testers straight from the ERWEKA workshop, but also stock a large spare parts catalogue covering all makes and models of dissolution testers in the marketplace. You can view our new dissolution accessories and consumables directory here. In almost every circumstance we can replace or … Continued

Dissolution equipment and the many uses of it

Apart from the commonly known fact that medicinal tablets are the primary samples used within dissolution testing, dissolution equipment can also be used to analyse many other products both inside and out of the pharmaceutical world. It’s perhaps not a shocking revelation but a nonetheless interesting conversation to have with any QC lab technician. Imagine … Continued

Dissolution Testers for Every Occasion

Total Laboratory Services provide a series of dissolution testers ideally suited to all laboratory requirements. Which one do you need?   DT 126 Never before has there been dissolution testers so adept for small budgets and low volume laboratories. A perfect entry level dissolution tester, complete with numerous included extras to enable you to perform a … Continued

Dissolution tester DT 126 – 5 reasons why it is essential for budget conscious labs

Contemplate about dissolution testers and it won’t be long before the mind dwells on cost. Traditionally not the cheapest piece of laboratory equipment in the world and certainly not the smallest, dissolution testers are a serious decision when committing to purchase or upgrade a lab. For many small to medium sized manufacturers, academic institutions and … Continued

Dissolution Equipment Calibration – wave goodbye to the wobble.

Dissolution equipment calibration and maintenance is an important part of the life cycle of the tester. Routine maintenance and preventative servicing can often prolong the shelf life of a dissolution tester, maximising its financial outlay and saving valuable budget spends in the future. Owing to the large volume of workload placed upon busy QC laboratories and … Continued

Dissolution Equipment – A quick guide

There’s a lot of options to consider when using or purchasing dissolution equipment, and more often than not, dissolution systems have many possible configurations. To make things a little easier, the TLS team have compiled this useful reference detailing the various terms and apparatus used when dealing with dissolution equipment. The core pieces of dissolution … Continued

Dissolution Testers

Hello there! If you’ve reached this page, you’re either looking for dissolution testers, or you’re wanting to find out more about them. For visitors considering to purchase a dissolution tester, or looking to have their existing testers serviced or calibrated, please browse our site, see what we have to offer, and feel free to make … Continued

Dissolution Testing Equipment

When it comes to dissolution testing equipment, there are several players in the field, and all of them command respect, and while many are perfectly suitable at doing the job they do, in today’s regulated world of pharmaceutical development, ‘good enough’ really isn’t good enough any more. Dissolution testing equipment needs to be rigorously designed, … Continued