The EP 1 Tablet Press

startbild-EP1-enThe ERWEKA EP1 tablet press is the ideal solution for small scale tablet production and research and development labs. The press works on a single, eccentric punch, capable of producing tablets with a diameter of up to 20mm, and takes up just 550 x 400 mm of bench space, making it easy to fit into a small lab or workshop. The tablet press can be operated automatically, with a variable speed setting that enables automated filling, pressing and ejection as standard features.

The compression force of the EP1 tablet press is adjustable up to 3 tons, and the filling depth of up to 15 mm is also configurable.  While set to maximum output, this tablet press can produce 4,000 tablets per hour, making it the perfect small-scale tablet press of choice. All components are either covered with hard chrome, or made of stainless steel AISI 316, and an acrylic glass for the front door provides a barrier for user safety.

The EP-1 is compliant to GMP and safety regulations and requires just an electrical socket connection to run.

If you would like to find out more information about this tablet press, then please visit this page, or contact us for a quotation. We’re always happy to help.