The New ERWEKA USP 4 Dissolution Tester

dissolution testersUSP 4 apparatus is slowly making its presence known here in the UK, with an increasing number of our customers enquiring about its application and availability.

In a nutshell, USP 4 revolves around flow-through technology, whereby test media is circulated (or recirculated) through special cells that contain the test sample. These cells are specially designed for slow release, subcutaneous and implant/suppository type drugs, and typically have test periods of multiple days. The cells are very small, and the amount of media passing over the sample is also very minimal. 

The USP 4 equipment is very different from traditional dissolution testers, and ERWEKA recently released a new version of its own USP 4 tester, the DFZ II, that is available now from Total Laboratory Services Ltd, the exclusive UK ERWEKA supplier.

The new DFZ II boasts innovations such as the new cell design with increased leak-tightness and the optimized tubing system with quick locks, allowing a fast preparation and implementation of dissolution tests. The new leaner cell bodies ensure an improved cell warming and can be heated individually. All USP 4 DFZ II dissolution testers can be easily controlled with the Disso.NET USP 4 dissolution software via a PC. Download the USP 4 Spec Sheet here.

To find out more about USP 4 testing equipment, please click here.