USP Prednisone Tablets Reference Standard (Catalog #1559505 Lot R001B0) no longer suitable for use.

It has been determined that all recently purchased USP Prednisone Tablets Reference Standard (Catalog #1559505, Lot R001B0) within the last 12 months is no longer suitable for its intended USP compendial use.

The lot has been assigned a new valid use date of July 6, 2015.   You can view the revised Certificate for Lot R001B0 online at the USP store.

USP apologised for issuing the notice after the valid use date had passed, assuring the industry that they make every effort not to do so.

A new lot is expected to be available no later than July 31, 2015.

USP are offering all their customers the option to receive credit/replacement for any unused blisters of Lot R001B0. Please contact their Customer Service at 1-800-227-8772 (or to make necessary arrangements (International customers please call 1-301-881-0666). Please remember to have your order number available when you contact USP. For any technical questions, you can contact Reference Standard Technical Services at or by calling 1-301-816-8129 or 1-800-227-8772 extension 8129.

Should you wish, you may also call Total Laboratory Services who will be happy to help and explain anything further.

July 13, 2015