Validation Testing IQ OQ PQ

Validation Testing IQ OQ PQ

Validation Testing IQ OQ PQ can be performed on a variety of analytical laboratory machinery by the skilled engineers from Total Laboratory Services Ltd. We have been carrying out validation testing on QC equipment for over 20 years, and offer a wealth of experience within the IQ OQ PQ fields. We are well versed in calibrating and validating dissolution, disintegration, tablet hardness and other QC lab equipment.

We are rigorous, attentive and efficient when it comes to verification testing, which is why so many Universities and pharmaceutical organisations from across the UK have utilized our expertise time and time again.

When we perform an Installation Qualification (IQ) we will make sure your lab environment is suitable for the machinery and that it is of sound build and quality. Our Operational Qualification (OQ) will confirm that your equipment is in working order and operational to the required standards. The Performance Qualification (PQ) will test your machinery in action, ensuring it carries out its functions in a correct fashion, produces correct reports, and is accurately able to analyze the materials to all pharmacopeia (USP) standards.

Our engineers are all fully trained and accredited, and have many years’ experience in the field, so you need not worry about entrusting your validation testing IQ OQ PQ to us.

Where can I find out more about Validation Testing IQ OQ PQ ?

Please browse our website and find out more about the services and machines that we offer. Validation testing IQ OQ PQ is just one small part of our broad spectrum. We can offer support in many areas of pharmaceutical lab analysis, from servicing and sales, through to used equipment and parts/repairs.

Contact us to find out more about our validation testing IQ OQ PQ services, and know that our friendly team are always happy to offer advice whenever possible. We are always eager to please.