BREXIT – What Impact It May Have On Our Operations

The impending withdrawal of the UK from the European Union (Brexit) and what it means for businesses is far from certain. Total Laboratory Services would like to reassure all our customers that while there is as yet no clear government strategy or deal with the EU in place, we have thought about the possible implications that a no-deal scenario could mean for our business operations and customer services after March 29th, 2019.

While we cannot know for sure, we anticipate that there is only one real area of possible concern in the event of a no deal – the logistics/delivery of our ERWEKA equipment.

We anticipate that should delivery of ERWEKA equipment to the UK be impacted by Brexit, it will come in the form of possible delays at customs/borders until such a time that a trade deal is agreed. This delay would hopefully be minimal, but it is hard to predict exact outcomes.

To make sure all our customers are aware of this, we will issue quotations for parts and equipment to reflect increased lead times and any affect on related installation work once the UK leaves the EU.

We anticipate that this will be the only significant impact on our business that will involve our services to our customers, and while it will be unavoidable if it becomes a reality, it will not affect the quality of our ERWEKA equipment or the professional services we provide.