Disintegration Testers

disintegration testers

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What are disintegration testers?

Disintegration testers are pieces of pharmaceutical apparatus used to record the time it takes a sample to dissolve in a beaker of test media. Specifically, disintegration testers record the moment the sample breaks down from its original form into one that can then become a solute with the test media. Disintegration units are used by QC and research laboratories to confirm that tablets breakdown within a required, uniform amount of time, which can aid in compliance and development studies.

What types of disintegration testers can I buy?

When it comes to disintegration, there are generally only two varieties of testers to choose from – manual, and automatic.

Manual disintegration testers require a lab technician to lower and raise the test station into the test media, and start the programed timer. When the testing is complete, the technician then rises the tests station and visually inspects to see if disintegration has occurred.

Automated disintegration testers automatically lower and raise the test station can start the timer without human intervention, and some can then determine the exact point of disintegration during the test too. When the timer is expired, the test station then raises of its own accord.

Most manufacturers of disintegration testers offer between 1 and 4 test stations per machine, and you can have a choice between two types of basket to contain the samples as well. Each basket type can contain either 6, or 3 samples, of different sizes.

How can Total Laboratory Services Help me?

Total Laboratory Services Ltd is the exclusive ERWEKA agent for the whole of the UK, and we are happy to testify that all ERWEKA disintegration testers are handmade to order, of tremendously high quality and have a very long lasting lifespan. To purchase disintegration rigs from us would certainly be a great investment for your lab. Our skilled engineers have many years’ experience and can install, service and maintain your disintegration equipment whenever you require it.

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