Dissolution Testers

dissolution testers

What are dissolution testers?

Dissolution testers are pieces of equipment, used by analytical laboratories to measure and determine the rate of dissolution of test samples in test media. Within the pharmaceutical industry, dissolution testers confirm that a test sample’s original structure has successfully become a solute, and has formed a unified solution with the test media. This allows QC labs and researches to both confirm and improve upon the rate that a tablet both dissolves inside the human body, and is absorbed by it. Dissolution rigs are a staple of pharma lab life, and are used heavily throughout the industry.

What types of dissolution testers can I buy?

All forms of dissolution testers are based around a single, fairly common design. Within this however, different testing methods, sizes and capabilities can vary between different manufactures of dissolution baths.

The different types of ‘stirring’ methods employed are the most common variant. You can choose from a range of different shafts and attachments used to aid in the dissolution of the test sample. All testing apparatus is certified by the USP and is recognised around the world. USP 1 and 2 are the most common methods used with dissolution testers, and most laboratories concern themselves with these methods.

The number of test stations/vessels is another factor that can alternate between different dissolution testers. Rather frequently, a tester can have between 6 and 8 individual test stations, capable of running at the same time, although there are some units that offer 12 or even 14.

The third customisable variant is what the dissolution tester can do with its results. Some dissolution testers are able to control online and offline systems, which can extract samples for analysis automatically, and send them through a UV-Vis Spectrophotometer and/or a fraction collector. Other units simply offer manual sampling capabilities, whereby the samples are taken by hand using syringes.

How can Total Laboratory Services Help me?

Total Laboratory Services Ltd is the only official ERWEKA agent in the entirety of the UK, and we proudly advertise that all ERWEKA dissolution testers are simply second-to-none. ERWEKA machinery is all handmade to order, of extremely high quality and has a very durable, long lasting shelf life. To purchase a dissolution tester from us would be a real investment for your business and an excellent addition to your lab. We have been providing dissolution equipment to pharmaceutical, veterinary and academic institutions for many years, and we can also carry out servicing, repairs and maintenance when required. Our engineers have over 20 years’ experience providing PVT, calibration much more.

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