Calibrated Tools Certificates

Below are the engineer training certificates and test certificates for all the tools used for IQ, OQ and PVT by Total Laboratory Services Ltd when carrying out such work on laboratory equipment. This page is updated as and when current certificates expire or tool calibrations are renewed. If you cannot find the certificate you require, please contact us and we will supply you with a copy. To view the certificates – just click the applicable date period below.


Digital Inclinometer

Serial No Calibration Dates
96021 19-Dec-2018 – 19-Dec-2019 14-Dec-2017 – 14-Dec-2018

Dial Test Indicator

Serial No Calibration Dates
6185 03-Jan-2019 – 03-Jan-2020 14-Dec-2017 – 14-Dec-2018

Temperature Indicator / Thermometer

Serial No Calibration Dates
03313682 05-Aug-2019 – 05-Aug-2020 22-Aug-2018 – 22-Aug-2019

Digital Stopwatch

Serial No Calibration Dates
1664 30-July-2019 – 30-July-2020 16-July-2018 – 16-July-2019

Digital Tachometer

Serial No Calibration Dates
966/1207 06-Apr-2019 – 06-Apr-2020 09-Apr-2018 – 09-Apr-2019

Digital Caliper

Serial No Calibration Dates
019160 25-Apr-2019 – 25-Apr-2020 16-Apr-2018 – 16-Apr-2019

Engineer Training Certificates

Paul Netherway – ERWEKA Dissolution

Paul Netherway – USP Education Program