Calibrated Tools Certificates

Below are calibration certificates for all the tools used for IQ, OQ and PVT by Total Laboratory Services Ltd. This page is updated as and when current certificates expire or are renewed. To view the certificates - just click the download icon beside the equipment to open/save the PDF. You can also filter/search for the name and/or serial number using the search box.

Engineer training certificates are located at the bottom of the page.

Measuring Instrument Serial NumberCertificate Link
Digital InclinometerS93034
Dial Test Indicator18503043
Digital Stopwatch1347543/138
Digital CaliperLIN921702136
20Kg WeightW2043324 26.05.21
10Kg WeightW1043324 26.05.21
5Kg WeightW75243740 08.09.21
2Kg WeightW806542863 17.02.21
1KgG101663643326 26.05.21
500gG101663943326 26.05.21
1g, 500mg,100mgW1059943329 26.05.21
50g, 20g,10g, 5gW1060043328 Set W10600 26.05.21
150mm Ruler678-006F - 1218201/192
10mm (08550), 5mm (07430), 3mm (160542)Gauge Block Set 222698 22.10.21
Distance PlatesZ9501305-02-2022 Distance Plates
Digital TachometerB128351OP
10Kg WeightW806442863 17.02.21
AutoCal466698998AutoCal Certificate A4
Autocal4287074762121113 Kom 219605 Cert 2021-08-23
Autocal876821273.12212021037 Kom 218681 Del 321005 Cet 2021-03-19
Autocal4666878982021047 Kom 218986 Del 321350 Cert 2021-04-28
ZT RS TabletsZT/7e0-11Disintegration 23.10.20
TBH RS TabletsHT/7e0.12 (1)Hardness EE03025 March 26.03.2021
TAR RS TabletsEE03025Friability EE03025 10-02-2021
Digital Inclinometer96021339035 22.12.21
Dial Test Indicator61851717740 21.12.21
720 Temperature Indicator033136821695641 04.08.21
Digital Stopwatch16641690562 30.06.21 page 3 and 4
Digital Tachometer966/1207
Digital Caliper019160
Distance PlatesV9500515-11-2021 Distance Plates
50g Weight F11586543694 31.08.21
20gW939443695 31.08.21
10gW939543695 31.08.21
5g W939643695 31.08.21
20Kg WeightW240443696 31.08.21
10Kg WeightW240543696 31.08.21
1g, 500mg, 100mg986843695 31.08.21
10KgTLS 1
10KgTLS 2
10KgTLS 3
10KgTLS 4
1gW108752021018 Cert 42848 1g
500gG112441442863 17.02.21
M3 Metric Steel Gauge Blocks45965-1
10Kg313-8543330 26.05.21
5Kg164-7743330 26.05.21
2Kg74-9743330 26.05.21
Ruler - Stainless Steel876061691300 05.07.21
Temperature Indicator025400955
Digital Tachometer1549
Dissolved Oxygen Meter299757321589 17.12.21
Absolute Pressure Meter440263147
Vernier Depth Gauge 200mm11203437
Agilent 8453 UV-visible SpectrophotometerCN22806971
UV Cells RM-D135816
UV Cells RM-DUV/19535817
Feeler Gauge Set2693856/324319323 14.12.20

Engineer Training Certificates

Engineer NameTraining SubjectCertificate Link
Paul NetherwayERWEKA DissolutionDownload
Paul Netherway USP Education ProgramDownload
Paul Netherway ERWEKA Physicals PNPhysCert
Ben LavinERWEKA DissolutionBLDISSO
Ben LavinERWEKA PhysicalsBLphycert
Chris JuettERWEKA Dissolution & PhysicalsCJTrainingCert

USP PVT Certificates

USP ProductCertificate Link
Reference Standard (Prednisone)Download
Calibration Tablets (Prednisone)Download