Laboratory Equipment Servicing

Laboratory equipment servicing

What does laboratory equipment servicing mean?

Laboratory equipment servicing is an extremely important part of the ownership and life cycle of any analytical laboratory apparatus. Without good maintenance, laboratory equipment can become warn, uncalibrated, out of tolerance and in violation of pharmacopeia compliance rules and regulations.

Undertaking laboratory equipment servicing helps keep your devices accurate and in good condition, which in the long run saves down time and avoids costly unforeseen breakdowns. It also certifies your machinery as fit for use and adhering to standards of compliance.

There are several common procedures that fall under the umbrella of laboratory equipment servicing, with each having its own purpose and methodology. No matter which servicing you require, the engineers from total Laboratory Services Ltd will submit the laboratory equipment to a rigorous physical inspection to ensure its condition is of acceptable and durable standard, this is often referred to as PM, or Preventative Maintenance.

IQ, or, Installation Qualification is also performed whenever a new piece of laboratory equipment is delivered. This involves our engineer unpacking and installing your equipment ready to use to the required specification.

What aspects of laboratory equipment servicing can I undertake?

PVT, or Performance Verification Testing is a process whereby one of our engineers will confirm your laboratory equipment is able to carry out analytical tests correctly, uniformly and is capable of producing the correct standard of results. This is the most common form of laboratory equipment servicing that we provide.

OQ, otherwise known as Operational Qualification, is another common feature of lab servicing where your machinery’s critical functions and physical operations are checked and adjusted as required to be within compliance regulations.

How can Total Laboratory Services Ltd help me with laboratory equipment servicing?

We have over 20 years’ experience in the laboratory equipment servicing industry, and have maintained and repaired more analytical devices than we can count (actually, we do know the exact number!). We work with pharmaceutical, life science and academic organisations, and have a reputation and skill set that is hard to better. We care about our attitude to our work, and pride ourselves on the high quality service we can offer.

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