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Total Laboratory Services is a UK based company specialising in the sales, validation, maintenance and repair of Dissolution and other laboratory instruments. We are also the official ERWEKA UK distributor, providing high quality, brand new dissolution testers, disintegration testers and tablet hardness testers and other superior analytical equipment. Our skilled engineers have over 20 years experience in the field and cover the UK, Europe and the world. Undergoing laboratory equipment servicing and maintenance regularly is an essential part of laboratory equipment ownership, regardless of the age, make or model. A professional service undertaken by our skilled engineers will not only ensure your equipment is working efficiently and safely, but also that it complies with current USP/FDA laboratory standards. It can also highlight potential problems before they develop and eliminate costly downtime. Being the exclusive UK agent for ERWEKA, we also supply new ERWEKA machines, globally renowned for their exceptional quality and robust reliability. TLS is also able to service all types, makes and models of other laboratory equipment too, and proudly owns a reputation and skills range that you won't find elsewhere.

Dissolution Parts and Consumables

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Dissolution Tester Calibration & PVT

Our trained engineers can provide mechanical qualification (PM/OQ/PQ) and performance verification (PVT) testing for all USP enabled dissolution testers. Find out more here.

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Terrance’s Product Spotlight – The DT 1212

A new 12 station dissolution tester that's both affordable and reliable.dissolution testersThe DT 1212 light is equipped with 12 test stations and a fixed drive head (high-head), allowing easy access to each of the 1000 ml vessels for manual sampling. The delivered package also includes vessel centring rings with shafts, low evaporation covers, USP 2 paddles and shafts as well as a distance ball for right height adjustment of the paddles. All these features make sure that the ERWEKA DT 1212 light dissolution testers are the perfect for the world of simple, fast dissolution testing. Find out more

Dissolution Testers

dissolution testers We supply a fantastic range of dissolution testers capable of performing standalone and automated analysis. Our dissolution equipment is handmade and of superior quality and reliability. View our dissolution testers range here.

Disintegration Testers

disintegration testers Our range of disintegration testers can capably perform manual and automated sample analysis. With a choice of 1, 2, 3, or 4 test stations, and the revolutionary ZT 720, we have exactly what your lab needs. View our disintegration testers range here.

Tablet Hardness Testers

tablet hardness testers We can supply tablet hardness testers that can comfortably handle small and large sample volumes, depending on the out put of your lab. Our tablet hardness testers are supplied in a variety of specifications. View our tablet hardness testers here.