Tablet Hardness Testers

Tablet Hardness Testers

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What are tablet hardness testers?

Tablet hardness testers are pharmaceutical devices with the ability to determine and record various measurements about individual tablets. It is often within the analytical laboratory of pharma companies and university research departments that you’ll find tablet hardness testers, as the information they can record is of crucial importance when developing new drugs and performing quality control. Their name derives from the original, primary purpose of determining the breaking point of a tablet, known as hardness.

What types of tablet hardness testers can I buy?

There are several measurements that tablet hardness testers can determine, and there are many machines that offer the capabilities. Some can record all of them, and others offer just one or two. It really depends on how busy your lab workload is, and what type of testing you require.

Hardness is the primary measurement of all hardness testers, calculated in Newton, and can determine the force required to break the tablet, thus recording how hard it is.

Other measurements that tablet hardness testers can capture are diameter, which rather obviously, records the diameter of a sample; thickness, which does the same; and weight – which involves weighing the tablet before conducting the other tests. All of these parameters when combined give a pretty concrete analysis of the tablet’s hardness and physical statistics.

Some tablet testers can also accommodate the measurement of length, which is useful when testing oblong shaped tablets, for example.

How can Total Laboratory Services Help me?

Total Laboratory Services Ltd offers a wide range of tablet hardness testers, each capable of performing a variety of tests. Our friendly staff are always on hand to advise which unit might be best suited to your needs, and we happily provide quotations upon request.

We are the exclusive UK sales agent for ERWEKA, the German manufacturer of exceptionally high quality, handmade, long lasting tablet hardness testers. You can be confident that purchasing a new hardness tester from us will be a very worthwhile investment.

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